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Founded and Established by two of the most sought after choreographers from the Bollywood Entertainment Industry, Tania & Vish Entertainment is a company headed by Tania Malpuria and Vishal Malpuria.

Tania & Vish Entertainment Inc. is committed to professional excellence through the production of artistic events and is constantly attempting to provide quality entertainment for their clients.  The company continues to deliver entertaining, engaging and interactive events. Every year the power and reach of Tania & Vish Entertainment increases tremendously with each event.

The Company’s creative assets have made it significant in the entertainment Industry in Calgary.

The vision of Tania & Vish Entertainment is to become a globally recognized company for entertainment.

The Company’s values rest mainly on Creativity, Initiative, Innovation and Teamwork and offers the highest quality of services and entertainment to their clients.

Tania and Vish Entertainment © 2013

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